How to Be an Associate Unit Manager in Prudential Insurance?

agen asuransiAre you a new prudential agent who wants to be an associate unit manager soon? If you are, you have to motivate yourself by reading true story of success prudential agents or keuntungan agen prudential. Why? Realizing your dream is not easy because there are terms and conditions that you have to fulfill. Besides, you need more time to be an AUM. If you really want to reach this position, you must fulfill terms and conditions below:

Have minimal API for 150 million rupiah

To realize this, you need to have many policyholders. For example, if total of policy from one policyholder per year is 10 million rupiah, that means that you need to have minimum 15 policyholders in year. Having 15 policyholders is not easy, for this you must make plan and strategy to attract potential insurance buyers every month. In one month, you must try to get one or two policyholders.

Have minimal 4 agents with minimal API for 30 million rupiah per agent

How? You should look for potential people who want to be new agents. Undoubtedly, this is difficult, but you can do it as long as you want to work hard and never give up. Besides, if you have 4 new agents, make sure that you don’t make them work themselves unless you want to be leaved sooner or later. You should guide and maintain communication with them as well as possible. If they fail to reach minimal targeted API, you must help them to reach it by giving suggestions or recommendations to go to potential insurance buyers who you know.

Have total of API group for 300 million rupiah

Having total of API group for 300 million rupiah is not an impossible thing. You can have it as long as you want to cooperate with your agents optimally. You must motivate them to reach their API target. What if they fail to realize it whereas they work hard and spend much time and energy? No need to worry because you can boost your own API by having new policyholders or recruit new agents. Here, you are suggested to be patience and do not take any decisions in hurry. Think twice if you want to do your jobs. For example, if you want to recruit new agents, don’t do this as you like. You must look into who they are. If they stop working within one month, you will only bother yourself and deal with stressed and depressed at last.

Well, are you still sure to be an associate unit manager? If you are, prepare yourself now and work as well as possible. If you find failure, never give up because all agents will deal with this sooner or later. In addition, don’t forget to improve your knowledge about insurance by visiting this twitter account.